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the memories of the past
28th-Dec-2010 12:47 amout today (untitled)
i will never give in
i am alive! update later hopefully, if i don't forget lol
hope everyone is good!
let's look up
Hello everyone. I've been quite busy and haven't have time with this place, but I have no forgotten about my friends ♥
#1. My life is completely a mess. Or so I think it is.
I just got out of the hospital yesterday due to my disease and all..don't worry I'm feel much better lol I can actually breathe and do stuff. I hate going to the hospital, it sucks every time I go there. Anyways, because I went, this makes me fall way behind my school work.and hell I'm a lazy child which means, I'm not going to catch up lol........ahh this sucks.

#2. Either than school, I think I'm having boy troubles. I think because I'm not too sure it's something. Anyways, so there's this guy who's a year younger than me and he's my friend's boyfriend's friend. Okay. We met because he asked me to help him with this game called Persona 4(if you don't know this game, you should be ashamed of yourself LOL :P) and we got talking......and now we talk everyday lol. He's so sweet and awesome, but like idk. Apparently he told my friend's boyfriend that he wants this thing between us to go further.........errrr lol and idk. He's awesome, that's all i got to say. I guess its not really boy problems? I guess it's like my feelings and what the hell do I want. ASSSSHHHHHH.

Lastly, #3. Friends. OMG MY FRIENDS. LOL They fricken suck so hard it hurts. But like I love them. I cannot deny that. I fucking love them. But of course, problems arises and all that shit.
My best friend is awesome and cool, but our relationship is like men, really. I think that's what makes her my best friend, he awesome qualities and helpfulness. My other good friend who use to be my best friend, talks so fucking much, I don't know what to do with her. I have absolutely no relation with one of the main guys with the group, which I'm fine with really, but man he's just so fricken awkward. LOL The other guys are cool. I think that our group has a lot of internal problems that I really dont want to go into but we all click. I guess that what counts.....right?
Oh and we went to my friend's cottage this summer and I think it really made a difference especially with the new people that just joined the group and all...........ahh my friends.

Don't get me started on my family. Oh God.

Okay.a little rant I guess. IDK my life sucks.

.....Onto better things. Request are almost done. (YAYS). I'm thinking of changing this layout but I am soooo lazy lol. Errr that's about it.

(omg 2pm! Stay strong bummie!)
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